The Bearing Public Sculpture Project’s Short History
by Ildikó Kalapács, visual artist

The “Bearing” is a bronze sculpture depicting a woman carrying a man holding a military-style rifle and sitting in a basket on her head.  Thought provoking, the sculpture celebrates the strength of the human spirit as it carries the burdens of the physical and emotional aftermath of war.

Growing up in the socialist Hungary and in the kind of family which has been through hardships, I became socially sensitive. I am more drawn to issues of resilience and solidarity with suffering. The background stories of women as the victims of wars have been under-reported when actually they are the ones who are the backbones of families and communities, the caretakers and healers despite their own sufferings.


The Bearing shows is as it is, the burden
of war being carried by the peaceful and
the innocent. In these days of international
conflict and domestic violence,
there cannot be enough reminders of the
cost we humans pay for our aggression.

-Gabor Maté M.D., Holocaust Survivor


The Puffin Foundation, Ltd., provided the funds to create the small bronze with the request that the full-sized sculpture be displayed in a non-gallery setting, thus exposing people from all walks of life to this socially-oriented art work.  

The non-profit Bearing Public Sculpture Project follows that philosophy and is working toward the creation of a life-size version of the sculpture in order to have it placed in public spaces throughout the world. The ultimate goal is to place one life-size replica on each continent in communities that were impacted by wars.